Karen B. NorthSide High School: I was a part of the program at TCC downtown Ft. Worth. Mr. Cal was the best instructor that I could have ever had. He taught us everything from enrolling in college, finding scholarships and how to get our life setup up for success. I am proud to say that because of this program I will be attending TCC in the fall pursing my teaching degree.

Elizabeth C. Paschal High School: When I first got to TCC I didn't know what to expect. We learned a lot about applying for colleges, prepping for the accuplacer exam and about finacial responsibility. We got to tour around the campus and we felt just like college kids. We worked on the skills we had problems in during school also like Math or English. We learned more about Microsoft and other applications like that as well. It was such a great experience that I really enjoyed.

Jordan P. Arlington Heights High School: Mr. Quigley was less like an instructor and more like a big brother to me. He helped me through several tough issues that I went through my Senior year. He not only gave me sound guidance but he also motivated me to reach the end of the year. I would'nt be the person that I am if it weren't for this program. I went from being a trouble maker to becoming class president for the 2013 year. Thanks Mr. Q.

Linda H. NorthSide High School: I was  really excited to come to TCC and be a part of this program. I never imagined going to college, and I will be the first in my family to do so if I can next year. But the skills that we learned make me want to go and work instead of going to college. We had interview workshops and real companies came in and gave us feedback on our interview. Several of my classmates got hired during the program and we thank Mr. for showing us that we can do it.

John Y. Western Hills High School: The thing I liked most about the program was getting a chance to use state of the art equipment at the college. I am going to be a film maker and during one of our projects I shot my first short film and the whole class was in it. Mr. Q even made a cameo appereance. He is really cool and helped me publish it, and got over 200 hits on youtube.

Juan R. NorthSide High School: I am first generation in this country and my family is from Mexico. They came here to give me an opportunity to further my education and this program was right on time. I was not really thinking about college I just wanted to start my own business. Through the program I learned that I needed to get a degree in business so that I would know what to do. If it weren't for this program I wouldn't be going to TCC next semester to study business. Thanks Mr. Q....