Below is a sampling of the courses offered in the R.A.P.

Personal Appraisal
In the Personal Appraisal class students will learn to gather information that will enable them to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Students also will learn how to analyze the skill set that they currently possess in order to complete a life projection project.

Career Exploration

In the career exploration class students will learn facts about the job
Classification that they feel will be a worthwhile choice. They will conclude the class by conducting a presentation about the career as well as its pros, cons, and compensation opportunities. 

Computer Sciences

In an intense and immersive learning environment, you will build your hands-on skills and prepare for entry level employment certification in Windows 7, and the entire Microsoft Office suite (Access, Excel, Power Point, Word).

Financial Literacy

In the Financial Literacy course students will learn through hands on access to games and other resources to explore the basics of financial credit, counting money, investing and creating a simple savings plan. 

Strategies For an Effective Job Search

In the Job Search class students will learn to gather information and records needed to create resumes, fill out job applications and prepare for job interviews. Lastly we instruct individuals with how to dress for success while looking and interviewing for employment. 

Microsoft Office 
Students will use Word, Power Point, Excel and Access to learn formatting and typing tools, spell check usage, thesaurus lookup, basic editing, insertion of hyperlinks, and template structure. These skills will help them in creating resumes and completing homework assignments.


In the Entrepreneurship course students will be exposed to real life success stories. Persons hand picked from local Fortune 500 companies as well as lesser known successful organizations will be invited to speak with students about steps that need to be taken in order to start their companies. Instructional videos and workshop learning environments will be shown to students with the hopes of motivating them to success in starting their own business.